Historic Charm

A history lesson from the real Mrs. Mitchell

Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant opened its doors in 1980, named in tribute to the school’s last and longest serving teacher, for her many years of dedication to her students.

When we purchased the schoolhouse, we learned of its rich history from Mrs. Mitchell herself. Built in 1889, Mulmur Township School Section 2 operated for 79 years before closing in 1968. The school and surrounding community together survived the social and cultural upheaval of two World Wars and the Great Depression.

The Orange Lodge across the road played an important role in the lives of early settlers in our region. As a gathering place it was vital to the fraternity and identity of its members. The building became home to Granny Taught Us How in 1978.

Both historic landmark buildings were renovated with great care and respect for their heritage. We still enjoy that enduring sense of community here in the hamlet of Violet Hill.

Take a step back to a simpler time

We hope you’ll feel as though you’re taking a vacation from the 21st century as you dine at Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant. From our huge open fireplace and antique furnishings to the outdoor patio, we serve up an authentic experience from a simpler time.

So welcome, be our guest, enjoy!

Mrs. Mitchell?

Though many people thought she was the Mrs. Mitchell, she could never be mistaken for a marm! Maureen Baufeldt was the heart and soul of Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant since it opened. She was an amazing woman of purpose and passion, grit and wit.

In June 2011 the legacy passed to daughter Heidi, who carries on with her mother’s dedication to quality, that welcoming smile and a style all her own.

Maureen’s memory is alive on a tribute site that we set up shortly after her passing. Stop by for a visit, read comments from patrons and friends and share your favourite stories.

Dig into more history at the Museum of Dufferin

Just up the road from Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant is the Museum of Dufferin, one of the finest community museums in Ontario. The MoD is located at the intersection of Highway 89 and Airport Road in beautiful Mulmur Township, nearest the towns of Mansfield, Shelburne, Alliston and Orangeville. Visit Museum of Dufferin to check out the changing exhibits, large and interesting artifact and archival collections, many programs and special events, and learn more about the history of Mulmur Township and rural Ontario.

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