Wedding Guest Book

Comments from couples who have celebrated their weddings at Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant. Please check out our wedding photo galleries and plan your own special day with our quick wedding consultation form.

18 Responses to “Wedding Guest Book”
  1. Andrea & Brian says:

    Heidi & Staff,

    Thank you ALL for your very hard work and for making our day so perfect……you and your staff made our day incredible. We can’t thank you enough!

    Andrea & Brian

  2. Anne-Marie Clarke says:

    We recently attended our niece’s wedding (July 12th), and I can’t state enough, what a perfect day it was.
    – Your staff is amazing; attentive and very friendly service, without being over-bearing. Always smiling! It is obvious that they enjoy what they do, and that they truly have the best interests of their guests at heart.
    – The grounds are immaculate.
    – The food, from the appetizers to the main course, especially having a choice (without having to pre-order at the time of the RSVP, but to be able to decide right that night!) from 3 main courses, was fantastic!!
    We plan on going for lunch or dinner soon, and are really looking forward to it.
    Can’t say enough!!
    I would recommend your venue for a wedding in an instant, and have been spreading the word about the food and service.

  3. Kate Ryan says:

    Absolutely the BEST restaurant around!!! The PERFECT spot for our wedding, all our guests were amazed at how beautiful the gardens were for the wedding. Heidi did an amazing job, right down to the smallest detail! Thank you Heidi and all your staff for the outstanding service. You and your staff are awesome, thank you for making our wedding PERFECT!!

  4. Dan & Katherine says:

    Everyone at Mrs. Mitchell’s,

    Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into making our wedding day perfect!

    The property, the restaurant, the food…everything was absolutely amazing and fabulous.

    Thank you so much!

    Dan & Katherine

  5. Toni & Clarry says:

    Dear Heidi,

    Thank you so much for the extraordinary job you and your staff did for us last Saturday. The feedback from our guests was 100% positive and you’ll be seeing many of them again for dinners of their own!

    The food was remarkable, the ambience was perfect and the service was exceptional. Thank you so much for making our day so extraordinary.

    We’ll be highly recommending you for years to come.

    Thank You!
    Toni and Clarry

  6. Pam & Jay says:


    Thank you for helping make our day even more perfect than we could have ever imagined!

    You are the best!

    Love Pam & Jay

  7. K&R says:

    Hi Heidi,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have heard nothing but great things said about your venue at Mrs. Mitchell’s restaurant. Everyone has been raving about the food. The prime rib and the mushroom soup were big hits.

    My friend told me yesterday that she watched you take the groom’s aunt by the hand and walk her to the washroom, wait for her and then walk her back to her seat. I thank you for that … you are quite amazing.

    We had such a great day and so much of that was due to you, your staff (who I have also heard were amazing – very quick service), the food and your gorgeous restaurant. You made it so easy for me and I really appreciate all that you did for us on that day.

    Thank you so much!

  8. Mark & Laureen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing our special day with us. You and your staff made it so very special. Part of our memories always.

  9. Jennifer & Derek says:

    To the staff & owners of Mrs. Mitchell’s:
    Thank you so much for helping make our special day better than we ever imagined!
    We will never forget it.

  10. Roger & Martha says:

    Dear Maureen and Heidi,

    Where do I start? There are not enough words to express the gratitude that we feel for everything you did on and before our wedding day! You are both amazing ladies. You made sure that everything was perfect down to the last detail and for that we thanks you with all our hearts.

    From the first time we came to Mrs. Mitchell’s dinner we felt a special bond and we decided then, that would be “our place”. We always felt like we were at home. Then, when you asked us if we’d like to have our wedding there, we knew it would be perfect. And it was!!

    Maureen, thank you so much for letting us into your home to get dressed and “prepared” before the wedding. It is absolutely beautiful!! I feel honoured that you trusted my friends and I to spend a few hours there. We felt like queens and were quite in awe.

    Thank you also for all the preparations previous to the wedding. You thought of everything and we certainly appreciate all the help.

    Heidi, thank you for your attentiveness to everything, for bringing our dresses to us after they were steam-ironed. You are the perfect hostess.

    Anyone that we’ve talked to since the wedding couldn’t compliment both yourselves, the restaurant, the excellence of the food and service enough! Of course, we couldn’t agree more!

    We were so excited before the wedding, anticipating people’s reactions, knowing that they couldn’t help but love everything. We were right. The evening was a great success and you two are responsible.

    Maureen, you said that you wanted to be our Fairy Godmother – well that is how we will always think of you. Only a Fairy Godmother could have done what you did to make two people’s lives so much more special. We thank you with all of our hearts!

  11. Jenn & Dave says:

    Dear Maureen & Heidi,
    Hello! Just a small thank you for your kindness in helping to make our wedding day such a memorable event. Although we already knew that your restaurant was the perfect place for our lunch reception, the delicious food and friendly service for exceeded our expectations. I continue to hear the praises of the meal from family and friends. Many remarked on how it was their most favourite wedding reception attended. Our photographer remarked on how your gardens and pond are a “photographer’s dream”. I can understand why! Most importantly, thank you for your thoughtfulness and assistance with wedding plans throughout the past year. Take care!

  12. Wendy & Frank says:

    Dear Maureen & Heidi,

    You are both amazing. Thank you for…having such a wonderful restaurant, beautiful grounds, great service, superb food. Despite some challenges along the way, you were always there supporting us. We appreciate your guidance in helping us on the details of our wedding…minister, cake, limo.

    Frank and I had dinner for the first time at Mrs. Mitchell’s in the Spring of ’06, and immediately we decided to have our wedding reception at Mrs. Mitchell’s. The food, service and ambiance were perfect. You have been so caring and exceptional in helping us along the path of wedding planning!

    Thank you so much. Our reception went so smoothly (thanks to you). We received many compliments about everything at Mrs. Mitchells…the food, the service, the décor, the entertainer. Many of our guests said it was perfect and are planning on returning.

    Thank you for inviting us to have our photos taken at the house – it’s so beautiful – we were a little leery about your beautiful swan!
    …Thank you again…and yes, we told only our best friends!

  13. Lillian & Graham says:

    Dear Maureen & Heidi;

    Graham and I wish to thank you very much for helping to make our wedding day the most memorable day ever.

    Places such as yours give rise to wanting to share special moments. We could not have imagined a more special moment to be shared, than at your establishment.

    Being ever so mindful that we were in your home, had allowed us to feel very welcomed in such a warm and inviting setting to get prepared.

    Without your assistance and professional guidance, I would not have been able to have kept my focus as well as I had.

    Our guests were content and more than satisfied to say the least, and have expressed how impressed with their experience and their desire to return with their family and friends.

    Graham and I can look back and recall how attentive you and your staff were to us and our guests, which we appreciated very much.

  14. Stephen & Karlin says:

    Dear Maureen and all the wonderful staff who make Mrs. Mitchell’s so special,

    …Even though the weather was downright dark and dingy, you wouldn’t know it from looking at the pictures taken in your magical yard! …The inside pictures capture the joy and celebratory spirit of the evening!

    Your meticulous attention to detail made all the difference, as the reception went off without a hitch. The surroundings were gorgeous and the service and food was top-notch as always. The arm and friendly hosting/serving staff carried off their roles so smoothly that they became part of our group! …Our guests, many of whom traveled from Europe and the U.S., were so impressed with Mrs. Mitchell’s that we lost count of the compliments, with several saying it was the nicest wedding reception they’d ever attended!

  15. Mary & Brandon says:

    Dear Maureen, Heidi and all the staff,
    We just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful wedding reception we had at the restaurant. Everything was absolutely perfect and it was exactly what we wanted. The gardens were lovely for the pictures, the food was amazing, the service wonderful and the atmosphere was relaxed and loving. Truly you all made our wedding day so special, and all the little extra touches made it all the more so. Also, the fact that we didn’t have to worry about the little (and not so little!) things made our day that much easier. So thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  16. Terry & Brian says:

    Dear Maureen,

    How do you begin to thank someone who made a dream come true? Since the very first day I dined in your restaurant there had been a tie that binds one to a special place.

    When Brian and I had our first date at your restaurant he was the first gentleman to experience Mrs. Mitchell’s with me, and loved it as much as I do. On one of our other visits, you mentioned to us that you “do weddings” and the seed was planted. Heidi, noticing an engagement happening and your generous offer of champagne made a special day unforgettable.

    Over a year ago I happened upon Ebenezer Church on one of our walkabouts and I kept the thought of that little church in the back of my mind. When we came to see you that is the church you mentioned. Fate? So many things came together as a result of your help, suggestions and special touches. Everyone that you suggested we contact was so helpful and enthusiastic that this wedding was a joy to plan.

    …Your menu and decorating suggestions were wonderful. The soup, salad, entrees and dessert were beautifully presented and even better a delight to eat. All of your staff at the restaurant and Granny Taught Us How did a fabulous job. Heidi and the other staff were so accommodating. You must be very proud of your daughter, she has a wonderful ease about her that welcomes everyone and a beautiful smile to warm every heart.

    …When we chose your restaurant we couldn’t imagine having our reception any other place. The feeling in the hills of Mulmur and your restaurant are filled with a lifetime of memories that will be added to for years to come.

    …I think of our wedding and reception often. I relive every special touch that you helped us with, your special home and the graciousness and loving that made our dreams come true.

    …Thank you seems insufficient but it is meant with love and gratefulness from a couple whose dreams were fulfilled. Thank you Maureen.

  17. Ruth & Alex says:

    Dear Maureen and Heidi,

    As we celebrated our first anniversary, we naturally took time to reflect on our wedding day. It seems difficult to believe it has been a year since we celebrated our vows with friends and family and enjoyed such a wonderful time at Mrs. Mitchell’s.

    …We appreciated your helpful suggestions and practical advice concerning our menu selections and the logistics of the day. If it had not been for you, we might never have learned of the Relessy Church, which was a perfect match for us. We also appreciate that you were able to accommodate so many of our requests…

    We received so many compliments about the wonderful food and how lovely it was to attend a reception where guests were able to choose an entrée rather than being served a set menu that does not appeal to all. The house wine that was served on your recommendation was also an excellent choice that worked well with the menu we had selected.

    It had been very important to us that we have a reception that was both elegant and cozy at the same time. The atmosphere at Mrs. Mitchell’s provided the perfect combination of these elements and we were so happy to be able to celebrate our day in the warmth and history of your restaurant. We did not want an average reception in an average hall. Mrs. Mitchell’s gave us the opportunity to entertain our guests in a style that was unique and well-suited to our needs and personalities. One guest commented that the wedding was very “us”.

    It was so nice to know that of the many details that had to be ironed out as the wedding approached, the reception was one thing that was never a cause for concern.

    The fact that we were the last to leave your reception is a telling comment on how we felt about the outcome of the day. We hope it is also the ultimate compliment to you and your efforts.

  18. Janet & David says:

    Maureen and Heidi,
    You two are wonderful! Thank you for making our wedding day perfect!