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Jim and Heidi have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of sympathy they have received already since Maureen’s passing Monday morning. You can e-mail privately at Your thoughts and stories are welcome and very much appreciated.

As many of you know, Maureen conquered cancer over ten years ago. For those who wish to do more than send a note, Maureen would have appreciated donations to the Canadian Cancer Society.
Donate online at:  Canadian Cancer Society Secure Donations

Please use the following address for acknowledgements:
Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant
887395 Mono Mulmur Townline,
Mulmur, Ontario, Canada, L9V 2W1

Thank you again to everyone who has been in Maureen’s corner over the years, and more recently for all the kind words of sympathy and support for the family. It is truly a blessing to be a part of this wonderful community.


  1. Jennifer Payne says:

    Maureen danced a jive with me the night my husband and I were engaged at the restaurant, to the live music of another lost legend, Josh “the human jukebox” Berman.
    Every time we’ve had dinner there, she’d deliver a straight-faced quip under her breath that would leave us in stitches.
    I work in the store once in a while, and I remember it was always fun when something would come in that she really loved: “Isn’t it GORGEOUS, Jennie?” followed by an excited story of how she found it.
    Maureen was a legend. Her reputation preceded her, but didn’t always fit her precisely. She was more than met the eye. Over the years we somehow earned a spot in her good books, and we are honoured to have known her as well as we did.

  2. Sherry B. Good says:

    Maureen has been such a huge part of my life.
    My husband Steve and I discovered Mrs. Mitchell’s almost 30 years ago. We had a book called “Backroads of Ontario” and followed it’s instructions to go to Mrs. Mitchell’s on one of our weekend motorcycle outings from Toronto. We arrived and had a beautiful lunch and then waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, we asked for the bill and was told “No”. Maureen came out and said that when we had pulled up on the motorcycle, they had been nervous about “bikers” and, because we had taught them not to judge a book by its cover, that the lunch was on the house. We told Maureen about the book but she had never seen it. We also threatened to bring our whole motorcycle gang.
    When I got back to Toronto, I bought and sent the book to Maureen. It sat on the pulpit for years (until it fell apart) and I was always so proud to see it there. And we continued to go to Mrs. Mitchell’s, mostly for tea but one very memorable anniversary dinner. My mother and father became regular customers. And, yes, we *did* bring the whole gang for tea one afternoon.
    Maureen was with us through my marriage separation (except that Steve and I are still close and still showed up together), my mother’s death and I was just talking to my Dad two weeks ago about bringing his new girlfriend up for tea.
    Maureen was a constant and I’m sitting at my desk at work crying. Thank you for the many years of great food and friendship. You will be missed.

    Sherry B. Good & Steven Daniel & the Good family

  3. Elisabeth Price says:

    Dear Family
    I remember Maureen very well.
    It was the time in the 1970s, I was looking for some work in my spare time, like sewing. When I met Maureen she was just pretty furious because her bookkeeper had left. When I offered her, that I was able to keep her books, she hired me immediately. It followed some good times but also some difficult ones. It was the time Jim and her opened Mrs Mitchell’s place. With the brightest smile she jiggled the money from one needed place to the other. My return to Europe shocked her but did not shake her!
    Time is really working for all of us and I think only of the good times we had together, designing cloths or new toys etc. I remember when she went to art exhibitions to search for new ideas for the store. Never resting.
    I would like to offer the family my dearest condolences from far away. Elisabeth

  4. J Caley says:

    Our family discovered Mrs. Mitchell’s wonderful restaurant on a Sunday drive many years ago. Since then we have celebrated many family get togethers there in an atmosphere of class, elegance and warm hospitality. The food is delicious but the spirit of the place is what drew us back each and every time. That “wee” lady with such a great spirit and smile made this unique place a gift to us all. May she now reap that which she sowed to so many, peace and joy, in the arms of God. Our condolences to her loving family as they endure such a great loss.

  5. Kelly MacMillan says:

    So sorry to hear of the passing of Maureen , a very lovely lady indeed. My last visit was for the Christmas
    tour of the house along with dinner and it was a very special night for sure.I brought some special friends
    with me and we had a great night complete with Christmas Floral arrangements , shopping at the store,
    a tour of the house and a wonderful dinner. Although I didn’t know her well I will miss her sweet smile the next time I come for lunch or dinner. My sincere condolences to the family.
    Best regards,
    Kelly MacMillan

  6. Tina & Steve McCarty says:

    I am so shocked, and at loss for words. My sincere condolences to Heidi and Jim. The very first time I went to Mrs. Mitchell’s was a time in my life when I was being challenged with some personal issues many years ago…..We left the Restaurant, and only arrived home around midnight. The phone was ringing, it was Maureen, calling to see if everything was ok, she felt that something wasn’t quite right at our table and she was concerned. Such a caring, thoughtful person, she will be deeply missed.

  7. Keith and Wendy Horsfall says:

    Wendy and I were introduced to Mrs. Mitchells during our 26 years with the North Toronto Players, when approximately 60 of our group came up for a fun filled Saturday night. We have had the pleasure of bringing many of our friends to this wonderful place, couples and large groups both. The service and food are second to none. We share in the sadness with Jim and Heidi and will be into see you as soon as we can.

    We are both sitting here with tears in our eyes after I opened the email. We have passed along the sad news to many of our friends who have enjoyed the hospitality.

    Love from us both

    Keith and Wendy

  8. Don Boaks says:

    I have been a regular at Mrs Mitchell’s Restaurant for thirty years and have never had a bad meal, service or time there. I can’t remember not leaving there without a hug and best wishes from Maureen. I would phone a in reservation and I wouldn’t get past hi Maureen and she would come back at me with hi Don how are you. Maureen and Heidi are two very special people in my life, I will dearly miss Maureen and have said for many years that you haven’t dined until you have dined at Mrs Mitchell’s. my heart goes out to Maureen’s family, All the best, Don Boaks

  9. Bill & Dianne Blair says:

    Our sincere condolences at this most difficult time. We always look forward to our visits to the restaurant and Maureen always made our visits more special. She always made us feel that we were the most important of customers. She will be missed.

    With kind regards,

    Bill and Dianne

    • susan and morrey lawrence says:

      what a woman. what else can a person say? She will be so so missed but Heidi will certainly carry on and be able to step into her Mom’s shoes. We will miss you Maureen, but suppose you have already opened up a Mrs. Mitchells way up there.

  10. carol and wayne martin says:

    Almost from the beginning – trips to Granny Taught Us How – beautiful fabrics, and style right up my alley – then introduction to Mrs. Mitchells – always a good meal. When Maureen went in to Women”s College a group of us took flowers and Heidi said she would not be going to the hospital for Maureen was on her way home – the day after the surgery – and I was there to witness her having a smoke not one hour after returning to the restaurant!
    For me especially Maureen personified decency, strength of character, bravery, endurance, generosity, skill — and she now leaves behind her a great void in the lives of her family and anyone who was privileged to know her.

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    Maureen was definitely the face behind Mrs. Mitchell’s and years ago I am one of the people who thought that was her name. She never corrected me though and was always gracious with guests visiting the restaurant. When I wanted to arrange a luncheon for a group of gardeners, she suggested we also visit the family gardens down the street. My friends still talk about that day, especially the swans.
    The Christmas dinner and tour of the inside of the house a couple of years ago was the icing on the cake; appreciating the outside, I always wondered what lay within. And, it was so fantastic, I did a post on my blog about it.
    I’ll certainly miss the friendly smile and greeting from this amazing lady the next time we’re out that way for lunch.
    My sincere sympathy to the family and may you remember the happy times with her.

  12. Sandra & Orin Patterson says:

    Thank you Maureen for so many wonderful visits to your very interesting & stunning restaurant, for your dry sense of humour, for the delicious & magnificently displayed meals, for your warmth and candor. Condolescence from my sister, Peggy from Orillia, daughter Leslie from Richmond Hill and many other family members throughout the Toronto area, we all have had such wonderful times at Violet Hill at “Mrs. Mitchells'”. What a dreadful loss of a beautiful lady. You will be sorowfully missed.

    Orin & Sandra Patterson

  13. Lisa Irvine says:

    Maureen will be sadly missed in Violet Hill. We have only been living here for a few years and I have worked at Granny Taught us How on and off for those few years and will truly miss talking to Maureen. She was a very caring and hard working women. Our visits to the restaurant we always fun and very welcoming. When I was going through a very rough time recently, in regards to a friend, she would always ask how I and my friend were doing, I will treasure the talks we had and the chats about Violet Hill. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jim, Heidi and Roman in this difficult time. All the best in filling some pretty big shoes, I know you can do it Heidi.

    Lisa and Andy

  14. Sherry and Joseph Shynn says:

    Jim and Heidi,

    Our deepest sympathies.
    One of the greatest joys in life is making new friends.
    With our first visit to the restaurant Sherry and I made two friends immediately.
    Calling Maureen ‘Mom’ just seemed natural. It still does.
    Dear to our hearts will always be Mom saying ‘Sea Bass’ and ‘How ’bout those Leafs?’
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Sherry and Joseph Shynn

  15. Scott & Carolyn Martin says:

    Our most sincere condolences to Maureen’s family and friends. What a lovely and funny lady she was! That dry sense of hunour had us in stitches a number of times when we were there.
    Over the past couple of years we introduced my Brother-in-Law and his fiancée to Mrs. Mitchell’s, and they too, just fell in love with the place! We have returned a number of times, and the funniest time was (other than Heidi remembering Scott and Jim as “The-Brothers-with-the-Eyes”), was when we had just enjoyed the last order of Mussels available. The table next to us tried to order and were told that WE had just ordered the last one… Jim turned around to the couple at the next table and exclaimed how GGGoooodd they were… and Maureen told him how naughty he was and hit him in the arm with the menu!! We laughed until we almost cried it was so hilarious! She also pulled on his beard!
    It’s moments like that, that are treasured and remain in our memories. She will be missed.

  16. Mike and Judy Drake says:

    Dear Jim and Heidi:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Please know how much we will miss this incredibly, hard working lady who created such culinary delights for her guests! We so loved Maureen’s annual Christmas event, visiting Granny Taught Us How and then ambling up to your beautiful century home to be warmly greeted by Heidi serving delightful hot apple cider. We then made our way through the candielit rooms, chatting with Jim who proudly answered all our questions about this amazing home. Then it was on to Mrs. Mitchell’s for an awsome feast and a delightful Christmas floral demonstation with lots of stories and laughter! May her lagacy carry on!

  17. Cheri & Ray Cowan says:

    69 is far too early an end to a life, but it’s not the years in a life it’s the life in those years and Maureen lived those years to the fullest. Beneath that “crusty shell” she did have a wicked sense of humour, an unbelievable sense of style, taste and knowing what would please. Over the past 30 years we have enjoyed many a meal and special family events have been celebrated at Mrs. Mitchells. For the past couple of years I have had the pleasure and privilege of officiating several wedding ceremonies in the fabulous gardens at the house. Like the meals at Mrs. Mitchells and the wares at Granny Taught Us How the wedding venue is absolutely spectacular!

    Jim to you and Heidi our sincerest condolences. Maureen may be gone but she certainly will not be forgotten.

    Cheri and Ray Cowan

  18. I was shocked and very saddened to hear of Maureen Baufeldt’s passing today, and appreciative of having received — via newsletter — the beautifully written dedication to her. I have visited Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant, and have sent our guests and clients there, since we moved to the Hills. Just last week, some clients told us how she pulled no punches in suggesting to them what they should order for dinner, and they loved her spirit — as well as the beautiful meal and surrounding atmosphere. I am one of the many guests who will admit that I am guilty of having asked her — upon our first visit to the restaurant in 2004 — if she was Mrs. Mitchell! … I guess it was an easy mistake. She came across clearly as the owner, taking great pride in what she and her family had to offer. Maureen, working in unison with her daughter, has given a lot to the community. We wish you, Jim, and your beautiful daughter Heidi, much peace in knowing that she has touched the lives of many. Just reading the tributes before me is great proof of that. Jim and Heidi, hopefully you will be able and willing to carry on the tradition of Mrs. Mitchell’s Restaurant and Granny Taught Us How for some time. But first, let’s all take time to grieve, and to remember this special lady. David and I extend our deepest condolences to you and your entire family.

  19. Amanda Keogh says:

    My husband and I always treated ourselves to dinner at Mrs. Mitchell’s when we had cause to celebrate….our engagement, learning of the expected arrival of our first child, and other momentous occasions. I remeber Maureen being there every time. It’s almost as though she was there just to celebrate with us! She will be fondly remebered and deeply missed.

  20. Brian - Brampton says:

    It is with great sadness that we receive the news of Maureen Baufeldt’s passing. Mrs. Mitchell’s has been a delightful treat for our family over the years, both gastronomically and entertainingly.

    Our son, as a todler, loved to visit Mrs. Mitchell’s and play with the instruments that Maureen had in the restaurant. He tried with all his energy to try to straighten the tassels of the carpet in front of the fireplace, never once realizing it was painted on the floor.

    On one visit, Maureen, knowing that our son loved animals, invited Christopher and I to take some vegetable scraps from the restaurant down the road to her yard to feed her regal white swans.

    Our daughter, Amanda, has had many enjoyable teas at Mrs. Mitchell’s and chatting with Maureen. Maureen loved the children who visited the restaurant and it showed.

    On a particular note of appreciation, years ago, Maureen made the restaurant available for a business dinner for our company, even though they were closed that evening. Since there would be 14 of us, Maureen arranged for staff to come in and serve our dinner meeting. Mrs. Mitchell’s impressed my boss and colleagues with the food and wine selection. At a recent meeting, the topic of that dinner meeting came up with fond memories from all who attended.

    Maureen was a woman who enjoyed serving people. She will be greatly missed by her customers and staff.

    Rest in Peace, Maureen. All the very best to your family as they greive.

  21. Blair Jones says:

    In the mid-nineties, I was in a band and our bass player (who was in the military) was unexpectedly posted overseas. We decided to have a send-off party for him at Mrs. Mitchell’s. Maureen not only welcomed our boisterous troupe, friends and spouses, but allowed us to bring in our instruments and we literally took over the place and before long, all of the other patrons joined in the revelry and a great night of spontaneous music and mayhem ensued. Everybody in the band took turns serenading and soloing the crowd except our shy guitarist who resisted our efforts to goad him into song. Finally, out of sheer frustration, he stood up and delivered a rendition of “Danny Boy” that was so beautiful and poignant, that you could hear a pin drop in the place. The was not a dry eye anywhere. Even the staff stood transfixed. I will never forget that night, and will always be grateful to Maureen and her staff for accomodating us as we lamented the departure of our good friend. He returned from his tour of duty, I am happy to report, unharmed. Thank you Maureen, and deepest condolences Heidi and Jim. And let’s not forget the spoon bread!

  22. Vanessa says:

    I have known Maureen for almost 20 years. We met when I was 18. I am proud to have called her my friend and equally proud to call Heidi my friend. There are far tooo many stories and memories to share. Over the years Maureen taught me what it meant to have strength and to be resilient. She taught me it was unacceptable to settle for second best and to always strive for excellence. I feel regrettful that I never told Maureen what an influence she had on my life. There were times when I didn’t appreciate her “toughness”, but when I look back now it was because she knew I could do better. In the last year I have come to rely on the things Maureen had taught me and fall back on that strength and resilience. I know that Heidi will carry on; and she will fall back on her strength and resilience and I will be there for her as her mom was always there for me. I will miss you Maureen but I know that you are in a place where it is summer all year and your favorite flowers bloom all the time and dandelions don’t grow.

  23. Pat Burns-Wendland says:

    Maureen was our first real introduction to the area. My husband and I had bought a piece of property nearby and decided to bring our friends to see where we were going to live. One of the members of our group was a musician and had played at Mrs. Mitchell’s a few years prior. As it was our turn to host the party we decided to try the restaurant, it was a Saturday night and of course there was music. Maureen remembered our friend Brian as one of the musicians and encouraged him to play the piano and accompany the guitar player. Next, Maureen brought out the musical instruments and insisted we all join in. My husband, who does not like to dance very often, was swept off his chair by this tiny woman and made to dance with her. Needless to say we closed the restaurant that evening, were welcomed to the neighbourhood and from that evening on have made Mrs. Mitchell’s and Granny Taught Us How our own special place. Thankyou for all the great memories and support you have given. We miss you terribly.

  24. Dorte and Brian Taylor says:

    Over the years my family and I have enjoyed many a beautiful and lovingly prepared perfectly presented meal.. at Mrs Mitchells….
    We have celebrated special family dinners to mark milestones and events that were so important.. I could not think of a place we would go that we enjoyed more… the lovely ambiance.. the beautiful gardens and always the determined and charming Maureen left us with the feeling that we would be back again and again . My mother is now 91 and was always treated with the greatest of respect and tact.. At Christmas Time it was a perfect destination to go… Maureen will be very much missed and a part of the charm has disappeared with her… We will miss her humour and her forthrighteness… and her so very engaing personality… Our lives were a little richer for having met and known her…..
    Our Sincerest Sympathy to the family May you have much Peace and Fortitude,In the Days to come.

  25. Jennifer Kinsley says:

    Maureen has left an indelible mark on my life as she has many others. I started working at Mrs Mitchell’s when I was 14 and have worked at the restaurant off and on for the past 24 yrs. She cultivated and defined my work ethic from a young age that has followed me through any task that I set out to accomplish.

    I am grateful for the mentoring and also the very endearing tender person I knew her to be. Maureen is a very passionate, giving soul who I had the pleasure of many heartfelt conversations with over the years and the opportunity to bare witness to the kind acts that she would do for others- often.

    When I think of Maureen the words that come to mind are excellence, determination, spirited, wickedly witty, and extremely ardent about life & family.

    To a dear friend, peace is with you.

    To Jim and Heidi our love is always with you.

    Much Love

    Jenny & the girls. xoxox

  26. Crystal Dwan and Dean DiFebo says:

    Our deepest condolences Heidi and Jim, your Mother/Wife was such a special person and from the very moment we spoke I just wanted to meet her and of course have our special day at her unique location. When we met, she was as special as she sounded. She wanted to make sure our day was special! We will truely miss her and her memory will be honoured at our wedding in September at her pride and joy Mrs. Mitchell`s.
    Even though it was a short time, Maureen made a statement in our life and she will not be forgotten.

    Our Sincerest Sympathy to the family Dean and Crystal.

  27. Beth says:

    My condolences to Jim and Heidi, Maureen will be missed by all! My friend and I have made it a ritual to go out to lunch at Mrs. Mitchell’s and to visit Granny’s twice a year. As we needed to have some time too ourselves and this was our outing! Thanks for the memories and the great times and memories we had there. My deepest sympathy!

  28. Bill Coulter says:

    So sorry to hear of Maureen’s passing. My sincerest condolences to Jim and Heidi both. I became a friend of Maureen’s many year ago while i worked at the Sovereign, several years later i purchased the restaurant and Maureen and Jim would make it their night out on the Monday the only day Mrs. Mitchell’s was closed.
    Maureen always had a good word and a nice chat with me. Though i have sold the restaurant now i still often think of the good time and visits we had over the years.
    Rest in peace Maureen, you will be missed by all.

  29. Denise Downey says:

    To my dear friends Heidi and Roman, and to a highly respected man, Jim,
    It is with great sadness I am writing this note. My condolences to each of you. Maureen was such a special woman, who touched so many people in so many more ways than she could have ever imagined.
    My husband, Trevor and I, came to Mrs.Mitchell’s on our 6 month anniversary of dating, he knew Heidi and her family for many years, but this was my first visit. It wasn’t until I excused myself to the ladies room, that Maureen approached him to preceed to say she liked me! well…. Maureen thank you… my husband and I will now be celebrating 11 years together this month. From that day forward I have developed a wonderful friendship with Heidi and Roman, who I care for dearly.
    To each of you, may you cherish the love that remains for Maureen in your hearts forever.
    Sincerely, Denise (and Trevor) Downey

  30. Kim Mercer says:

    It is with a heavy heart that I share my thoughts today. Mrs Mitchell’s has allowed me to spend time with people who very special in my life.( as well as being one one the most beautiful places I’ve seen). I was introduced to Maureen through two very dear friends, and for a few years made a birthday tradition of coming out around Christmas time for a tour of the house, floral demonstrations and a wonderful dinner. I then introduced Mrs. Mitchells to another special person who in turn has shared it with someone special to him. Mrs Mitchell’s will be a place I still recommend and speak fondly of as some of my best memories have been there.
    Please know that people see what a beautiful family you are and always hold in heart how dear you all were to others.
    Maureen will be sadly missed and I do look forward to visiting again and I know she will still be there…….
    in our smiles and our hearts.

  31. Betty Davies - Gill says:

    We were recommended to visit Mrs. Mitchell’s by our daughter Shannon, who is a friend of both Heidi and Roman. There, we were greeted warmly by our hostess’s Heidi and her mother.

    Through the years we have always enjoyed the atmosphere and companionship we found at Mrs. Mitchell’s.

    Heidi and Roman know that I’m thinking of you at this time.

    Love always,

    Betty Davies – Gill

  32. Bill and Teresa Jordan :says

    We had the honour of having our wedding at Mrs.Mitchell’s , Maureen made us and especially our family feel special on one of the most important days of our lives. Our wedding pictures reflect the pride , love and hard work that went into the school house and gardens .

    Each year we return on our Anniversy to experience the feeling we had on our wedding day , Maureen made everyone feel as if it was there own little special place for those few hours.

    Our thoughts and Prayer’s are with all of you at this time.

  33. Greg Rimmer says:

    Dear Family:
    I was very sad to hear about Maureens passing. Being in the gift industry for 25 years I have known Maureen for quite a long time. Maureen was such a strong and sweet lady with more ambition that I can ever imagine having. Her control on the store and the restaurant was always admirable as everything was always done the right way and she took that responsibility to heart.
    Over the past few years I have had the honour of knowing Heidi and it is obvious where her drive and overwhelming personality comes from.
    My thoughts are with all of you and let your memories of such a wonderful person help to get you through this difficult time.
    Greg Rimmer

  34. Dear Heidi & Jim;
    It is with sorrow that I write this to you – I am so sorry for your loss.
    Many will miss Maureen – she supported so many community initiatives throughout the years.
    It goes without saying that I loved, admired and respected Maureen. She was a dear friend and confidant – even a mentor at times. She stood by me during some of my darkest hours – there to help so many times.
    It was a real treat to have her make the trip last November to the Distillery District to visit my garden studio – her compliments were like getting a badge!
    Spending a Christmas evening or two – now we know her last – was especially meaningful and fun!
    The last time we spoke to each other on the phone – we each ended our call with “I love you”. Imagine that ?
    I will miss her very very much. In the next few weeks I plan to bring a group of friends to lunch at the restaurant – and look forward to seeing you then.
    God Bless

  35. Leslie Utting says:

    I remember the first time I went to Mrs Mitchells. It was in the late fall or possiblity in December. We dropped in for a bite to eat after “making Christmas come” to a clients country home in Mulmur. It was amazing, it was so chilly outside, and the warmth of the fire and that feeling you get when you walk into someones home, not a restaurant. I don’t even remember exactly what I had for dinner, I just remember thinking that this is going to be my favorite place to dine out.
    Next person to take was my cousin Sandra, and since then it has become a constant location for us. As well as many others we have told about this amazing place for a culinary experience. As it would be we usually frequent in the late fall or in the winter months. If there is a snow storm looming (We always make it!) As a few times we would be the only GTA people that would hike out, the rest would cancel. I was born here, snow is a part of life, you have to deal with it. (Buy snow tires)
    We all came to the conclusion early on, no appetizer because there is a salad that comes, and that delightful “spoon bread” or share the appetizer ( hard to do with soup).
    Everything is always perfect, everytime I’m really going to miss Maureen not that I was on first name basis with her, but she was definitely a draw for me, and Heidi of course. They were an amazing tag team.

    My thoughts go out to you all, as you’ve touched many lives. I hope all the responses give you some comfort, in this saddened time. I as well am a only child, nobody gets it unless you’ve been there.

    God speed,


    Leslie M Utting

  36. Kim Perryman says:

    Upon having just read of Maureen’s passing, I already feel an emptiness. Maureen always made my husband David and I feel so very welcome at the restaurant and always took the time to come and sit and chat with us whenver we were there. Many an anniversary, birthday, or just an evening out was spent at Mrs. Mitchells. Maureen always made us feel like we were coming home. So, one day when Maureen asked me if I would consider officiating weddings for her clients, I was only too pleased to accept. I knew that Maureen would make the Bride and Groom and their families feel welcome and at home, just the way she always did with us.

    Heidi and Jim, please know how very sad I am for your extraordinary loss and that your Mom/wife will be sadly missed by my family, this community, and all those who had the pleasure of knowing her. I truly believe that she will always be watching over the restaurant and Granny Taught Us How. Happy Journey Maureen!

  37. Jack and Karen Rothenburg says:

    Jim, Heidi and family,
    Karen and I are terribly saddened by the news of Maureen’s passing. We are so sorry for your loss.
    We were introduced to your charming corner of the world many years ago and immediately fell in love with Mrs. Mitchells. We have visited many times and had the extraordinary luck to have our oldest son Jarren and his wife Hellaina agree to hold their wedding in your beautiful garden and restaurant. Maureen always made all, family and friends, feel so welcome that they often ask, or longingly reminisce about your special place. We have let a number of them know regarding Maureen and all send their deepest condolences and regrets.

    Maureen will be sadly missed by one and all.

    Jack Rothenburg

  38. Uwe and Terri Schneider says:

    We are so sad to hear of Maureen’s death. That tiny, funny, sweet woman made our wedding come off without a ”hitch” and she calmed a nervous bride (me) with her wit & wisdom.

    The world is poorer now.

    Uwe and Terri Schneider
    Midland, Ont

  39. Ron & Kathy Pierce says:

    Ron & I have known Maureen since the early 1980’s, first , strictly in a business relationship , purchasing wonderful folk art items from her wholesale division of Granny Taught Us How. Her talent and work ethic was obvious to us immediately . Her folk art designs were really amazing for the time and we were blown away by the new items she would introduce each new Season.
    As time went by we came to know her more closely . as friends , as well as business aquaintences.

    Her honesty and integrity endeared her to us. She was always willing to help out with a sticky business question and , as the years went by we were able to bounce many ideas back & forth…I will miss that…

    We didn’t get to see her as often as we would have liked, living here in Nova Scotia, but we always knew, if we were in the area, or if we phoned her, where Maureen would be…she REALLY loved Mrs Mitchells…and it showed…we will miss her

  40. Dear Heidi and Jim,

    We are so sorry to hear about Maureen’s death. She was a wonderful person and we always looked forward to seeing her on our visits to Violet Hill. Please accept our heartfelt condolences at this difficult time.


    Ron and Denise

  41. Mark Redford says:

    I am very sorry to hear about Maureen’s passing. She was a kind hearted person who not only taught me the value of hard work, but taught me how important kindness and generosity really is. I worked for Maureen for 13 years. I started working for her at the age of 16. When I started, I was an overweight teenager, who knew nothing, although I didn’t know that at the time. Maureen helped guide me, and I lost 76 pounds over a 6 month period. I will be forever in her debt for this. Maureen also taught me that no matter how well you do a job, you can always do it better, you just have to want to. She taught me to strive to do better, to do the job right, and to feel proud when it was done, but to set a better goal for yourself for the next time. This enabled me to excel at my current career. I have been a technician for Ford Motor company for the last eleven years. In 2010, I won an award, the number five Ford Summit Technician in Ontario, which was awarded for my fix it right the first time score, and staying up to date on my training. I believe that this recent success of mine is directly attributed to what Maureen taught me. I believe that I would never have won the award, had I not worked for and with her, and benefitted from her counsel. Maureen helped me overcome so many personal barriers in my life, that it’s hard to put it all into words. I truly miss playing the bongo drums in the dining room. Everytime I did, she would wink and smile at me, and dance with customers right in front of Josh and I at the piano. Maureen even loaned me her car, so I could take my date to my high school graduation in style. Maureen did so many good things for me, that I can’t even mention them all here, but I want everyone to know what a spectacular woman she was. We are all sorry that she is gone, and she will remain in our hearts and minds forever. I wrote a poem which I would like to share with everyone:

    Sweet little lady from Violet Hill,
    Showed me the way,
    gave me the will,
    to show myself,
    how great I could be,
    to just have some faith,
    a smile and some glee.

    She showed me how to work harder and faster,
    to take a hard job, and become it’s master,
    and each night after providing my dinner,
    she’d give me a hug to show the love within her.

    Her gardens so rich,
    and her grasses so green,
    a twinkle in her eye,
    that’s my Maureen.

    • Rita McComb says:

      Mark..Remember me????…I am so glad to read your poem..I am proud of what you have accomplished.R..

  42. Sad to hear that your day has come. you have been such an inspiration to so many. You have taught so many
    of us the meaning of what a successful business is with the strength tenacity and skill you had.You worked so hard. I will miss our time together every 4 weeks when I cut your hair I loved our chats. Miss you Kathleen Henning

  43. Alan & Pat says:

    We always enjoyed visiting Maureen and Mrs. Mitchell’s, usually for lunch, but sometimes for dinner. We especially remember those Saturday nights when Maureen would circulate with her noise-makers, then move the tables aside as Josh picked up the pace with the music. Then she would invite the men to the dance floor. She was so determined and never took no for an answer.
    Our condolences to you and know how much Maureen was cherised.

  44. Jean and Gord Farndon says:

    Our friend!
    Sadly missed.
    Remembered forever.
    No words can express the sorrow we feel.
    Our thoughts are with Heidi and Jim.
    Jean and Gord

  45. Anne Lamek says:

    Dear Heidi,
    Losing a Mother is always heartbreaking. But you have lost so much more than just a Mother: a mentor, a co-worker, a teacher, a co-conspirator, a best friend…….and ….and…

    I wish you smiles whenever you think of her….and the tears go away. They will; and you will always have the smiles she gives you.
    with deepest sympathy,
    Anne Lamek

  46. Stefanie Clark says:

    I was shocked and saddened to receive the newsletter about Maureen’s passing. A beautifully written tribute to a special lady, that I am glad you shared. I greatly admired her and her family for their work ethic and for what they created at Violet Hill. When I went to Mrs. Mitchell’s, it was Maureen that I hoped to see to make my trip complete. With her beautiful, warm, big brown eyes and impish smile. I am very sorry for your loss. She will always be with you in spirit, within your walls, and I hope that we can still feel her presence. God bless.

  47. sabine and Bryon Patton says:

    Hopefully it is some comfort for Heidi, Jim and Roman to read these wonderful memories of Maureen and Mrs. Mitchell’s and to know that they are held warmly in the hearts fo so many.
    Love from Sabine and Bryon

  48. Catherine Gordon-Campbell says:

    I first met Maureen in 1987 or 1988 when my husband and I were renovating a house in Everett. The renovation was difficult and lengthy. At this point, we were living in the renovation on weekends only and going back to Rexdale to resume our regular work lives. One weekend after contributing what I could to the days work, we made our first trek to Mrs. Mitchell’s. We both enjoyed fine dining and the whole experience of dining out: ambiance, environment, history and of course Mrs. Mitchell’s had it all. We made frequent visits to Mrs. Mitchell’s duti=ring this time. Along the way, we grew to know more and more about Maureen and her life and how it lead her to Mrs. Mitchell’s

    We often came late to the restaurant and stayed until it closed chatting with Maureen. One particular evening she gave me a book that had given her inspiration along her journey. It was about women starting their own businesses and their sucesses. I had obviously shared my stories with her as well. She had sensed my restlessness and the book was a real tangible tool, a gift to support my journey.

    Those late evening discussions are memories I hold dear. We ended up making Mrs. Mitchell’s an annual Christmas tradition and that continues to this day, 24 years later. Life has taken many turns for me, but those stories don’t belong here. The way we can touch other people on this journey is a gift and one Maureen enmbraced and lived.

    Thank you Maureen for being a part of my journey.

    Jim and Heidi: Blessings on you at this time.

    Love Catherine

  49. Catherine and Ken Fairbairn says:

    To the Baufeldt family
    Our sincerest sympathies with the passing of Maureen. What a wonderful woman. What wonderful memories posted on this site. She truly was a special woman. We first met Maureen and Heidi on May 21st 2008. We had our 1st Anniversary dinner there. It was awesome! When Ken first mentioned getting married at Mrs. Mitchells I jumped at the idea. We had a perfect day on May 21 2009. Maureen, Heidi and Bonnie made it a truly special one. I will always remember Maureen surprising me with my favorite meal, Beef Tenderloin….everyone else had a choice of chicken, fish and prime rib of beef.
    You will always have a special place in our heart Maureen and we will celebrate your life every year on our anniversay.

    Catherine and Ken

  50. Shelagh Cohen says:

    On behalf of the Toronto District School Board’s vocal music camp, “Voices At The Boyne”, please accept our sincere sympathy on Maureen’s passing. Maureen always hosted out faculty luncheon on the second last day of the once annual February camp. Many of us came to know her well over the many years of those luncheons. Maureen would have everything at the ready for us, and always presented us with a great menu. She also demanded of us that we ‘sing for our supper’, which we duly did…often “Danny Boy”, which was one of her favourites. One of her servers with an exceptionally fine voice also sang for us on one occasion.

    The Boyne River Natural Science School, where the music camp was held, is sadly no longer a TDSB fixture and Voices At The Boyne no longer exists. We look back on them with great fondness and rich memories, just as we shall remember Maureen and our faculty luncheons she so carefully provided.

    Shelagh Cohen

  51. Sandy and Tom Oakley says:

    We always looked forward to seeing Maureen. She always made us feel special and welcome. She always took great interest in our comfort. She always wanted the best for her customers. She will be sadly missed. Her energy was that of beauty. She always seemed to be in the flow. I will think of her often and with great memories.
    Sandy Oakley

  52. Denise & Mike Mori says:

    We’re so sad for the loss of Maureen. She was one of the first people that we met when we moved to Violet Hill after going to Mrs. Mitchell’s for the first time about a month after we moved in. If we needed anything, she gave us the name and number of someone who could help.

    She always made us feel special and we will miss her terribly.

    Thank you for everything Maureen.
    Mike & Denise Mori

  53. Corrie and Victoria says:

    Well, there are no words…I am so sorry to hear…

    Heidi and Jim, a great loss for everyone, she was so loved.

    Heidi, I remember your Mom showing both me and Victoria your wedding pictures for the first and was proud beyond belief…then you offered to be my Victoria’s wedding co-ordinator and we all agreed that would be amazing and laughed!

    I will always remember all your wonderful house tours at Christmas time….

    it is an end of an era…

    Love Corrie and Victoria from Tottenham

  54. Ann Lis & Jim Couse says:

    Dear Heide
    Our visits to your wonderful dining room wih Don and Coleen McCutheon at least twice a year were always enhanced by that very special personal greeting from your mother and always reserving the same corner table for us. The last time we were there she gave both Don and Jim a very special “hug” which will never be forgotten. Unfortunately Don died rather suddenly just one month ago and on the way home from the funeral at Tottenham on June 3rd Jim dropped into the restaurant to tell Maureen about Dons passing and of course she was quite emotional about it.
    What a wonderful person in so many ways and will be missed by so many of us
    Rgards to all of her family Ann Lis & Jim

  55. Rose Fransen & Scott Robinson says:

    I had the privledge of meeting Maureen just a few months ago. Scott and I were taking a drive and he remembered the restaurant and made a quick phone call to see if we could get a table in 5 minutes. Maureen welcomed us with a bright smile.
    As soon as I walked into the restaurant I thought, “this is where I want to get married.” She was so sweet and came over to our table and told us the story of her daughter when she was younger. She said that when Heidi liked something she would say “it rhymed”. Maureen then looked at the two of us and said, “the two of you rhyhm.” Then she looked at me with a grin and said, “when you are ready, come back” (wink, wink)
    She brought so much joy to me in a such a short meeting. I picked up her postcard on the way out as a keepsake of the restaurant, her words and hope that marrying the man of my dreams in her restaurant would come true.
    Wishing Heidi and her family peace at this difficult time.

  56. Jacqueline Verney says:

    I remember going to Mrs. Mitchell’s with my family throughout the years ever since I was a child. My mother was Heidi’s French teacher, and we began going to Mrs. Mitchell’s for special events—-for a 1950s inspired night, for tea, for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries. Most recently we celebrated our wedding at the restaurant and were thrilled with the precision and commitment to excellence that Maureen and Heidi put into our reception. They even suggested the beautiful little church that we fell in love with and chose for our ceremony. Maureen always made time at every visit to come out for a chat, making my family and myself feel welcome. We were shocked and saddened by the news of Maureen’s passing, and we wish to share our thanks for the wonderful times she helped to provide for our family.

    Jacqueline and Bruno Angiola and the Verney family.

  57. Sheila & Mick Scott says:

    Jim, Heidi & Roman,
    We extend our sincere sympathy since the loss of your wife, mother and mother-in-law. As I reflect on my memories of Maureen, a huge smile comes over me. From diningroom dancing, her jokes or just by conversation over a glass of drambuie(as Maureen always knew what you wanted before you did, and she never forgot!) She was small in statue, but had the largest spirit of anyone I’ve known. My most memorable time was just watching her as you, Heidi and Roman were married. Being blessed to share in your wedding day will be a time I will cherish always. I believe she was at that time, the proudest Mom in the world, anyone can see that by looking at the most beautiful picture of Maureen looking up at Heidi, that is pure mother’s love! Well, she is no longer looking up, but her new job will be looking down, watching over and protecting your family. What I know for sure, she will always have an eye on me!!
    Take good care – See you soon
    With great love and affection
    Sheila & Mick

  58. Rudy Huften says:

    My deepest condolences to Jim, Heidi and Roman. I did not spend much time with Maureen but her joyous presence in the restaurant made everyone feel welcome and at home there. Heidi, there is so much of your mother in you from you strong work ethic to your sweet demeanor with the customers. She will be sadly missed not only in the community but by many whom have visited Mrs. Mitchels or Granny Taught Us How.
    take care
    Rudy Huften

  59. Mark Bell says:

    I share the sentiments and sadness expressed by Shelagh Cohen. We had wonderful luncheons at Mrs. Mitchell’s during our Toronto Board of Education and later Toronto District School Board vocal music camps – Voices At The Boyne. Maureen was an amazing host…. My sincere sympathy.

  60. Andrea Prince Durrell says:

    My family discovered Mrs Mitchell’s in the late 80’s. I was a teenager, and with my parents and brother, we were driving from Oakville to Collingwood to ski most weekends. My brother and I were begging my parents to stop at McDonalds in Orangeville for dinner (which never happened), but my folks had heard about this restaurant called Mrs. Mitchells, and we went to try it. Wow – we were blown away. We loved the food, the live entertainment (Peter and Sharon were singing then) and this amazing family who ran this place. From then on, we begged to go there, and sometimes brought friends. I was even allowed to copy Heidi a few times and serve … but was no where near as competent or graceful as she was with those large dishes! She made it look very easy 😉 I haven’t lived in Ontario for many years, but still have such amazing and fond memories. Heidi – my deepest sympathies are with you. Your Mom was an amazing lady. Wishing you all the best.

  61. Sandra Taylor-Potts says:

    I grew up close to Violet Hill and my first job was at Granny Taught Us How. I wasn’t very good at first, but Maureen saw potential in me. She molded me into a hard working person. She taught me the importance in doing things with excellence. I loved working for her! I am so grateful for the influence she has had in my life. I can truly say I am a much better person because of her. Thank you Maureen.
    Heidi, you are so beautiful. I wish for you and your dad peace and many blessings as you go through this difficult time.
    Sandra and Kevin

  62. Ken & Anna May Hughes says:

    Heidi – we assumed that your Mom would be there to greet us t the door when we arrived for lunch yesterday. We were saddened to learn that she has passed away.
    We have been taking friends and relatives to Mrs. Mitchell’s for almost 30 years. We shall continue to do so , but no doubt, it will never be quite the same without her.
    Please accept our deepest sympathy during this very sad time.


    Ken & Anna May Hughes
    Mississauga, Ontario

  63. Brittany Pegrum says:

    I share my sincere sympathy and my deepest condolences to Heidi and Jim, with the loss of Maureen. I cannot even think on where to begin with the memories of Maureen. Heidi both you and Maureen taught me so much when it comes to the hospitality and service industry. I have learned so many positive things from the both of you and I feel as though the both of you shaped me into the young woman I am now both inside and out of the workplace. With the love that I felt, and the drive for perfection has helped me with new work and school experiences. I will never forget Maureen’s smile and how she brought me into the kitchen with open arms. She will always be in my heart and my memories, Mrs. Mitchell’s will never quite be the same.
    Take care, see you soon and once again my sincere sympathy.

    Brittany Pegrum.

  64. Hollandview Trail Retirement Community says:

    Just a few short weeks ago I loaded up our shuttle bus at Hollandview Trail Retirement Community with 16 excited ladies for a drive from Aurora to Violet Hill to enjoy afternoon tea at Mrs. Mitchell’s. It was our first visit as a group but several of the ladies who came along that day had been to Mrs. Mitchell’s over the years. One lady in particular was even more excited as she anticipated this trip for weeks looking forward to finding out if the menus at Mrs. Mitchell’s were still the same menus from 30 years ago. You see, this lady is a wonderful artist who was commissioned to create the front artwork for the menus, which she did; a beautiful painting of Mrs. Mitchell’s. We were thrilled to see those menus on our tables when we arrived and it was such a special day for all of us to share. I’m glad this artist of ours was able to reconnect with Maureen after all of these years and that Mrs. Mitchell’s kept those menus all this time! Tomorrow, I’ll be loading up another bus full of excited ladies…and I think a few gentlemen this time…for another drive to Violet Hill to enjoy afternoon tea at Mrs. Mitchell’s.
    From all of us here at Hollandview Trail Retirement Community, our deepest condolences.

    Laura & The Hollandview Trail Retirement Community Family

  65. Kelly and Paul Fuda says:

    We were just beside ourselves when we heard of Maureen’s passing. We have been going to Mrs. Mitchells for almost 17 years and it really is a part of our life together as our history as a couple. We have had many special occasions held there over the years from our engagement dinner to our childrens Communions, and just as recently as June 11th when we were there for our daughters Confirmation dinner celebration. As I was leaving Maureen gave me a big hug and I am so grateful for that. Both Maureen and Heidi have been so wonderful to us and they really got to now their customers on a personal level. Maureen always went out of her way to speak to my children and let them know how much they had grown since the last time she had seen them. I will always remember her as much more then just the owner of the Mrs. Mitchells, I will remember her as a kind, caring, and courageous woman who made myself and my family feel at home on every visit. My sincerest condolences go out to Heidi and Jim, we feel so blessed to have known her on the level that we did. She will definitely be missed.
    Kelly and Paul Fuda

  66. Toni Inguanez says:

    My friends and I discovered Mrs. Mitchell’s 6 years ago on our Yearly treck to our September weekend in Wasaga Beach. Every year we stop for lunch our way up and we really enjoy the atmosphere, good food and excellent service. We will miss Mrs. Baufeldt welcoming us at the door and taking us to our table. God Bless her and may she rest in peace.

    Toni, Mary, Beverley and Ilona

  67. Janice and Dan Wilhelm says:

    My husband and I celebrated our engagement at Mrs. Mitchell’s and just fell in love with the atmosphere and the food. After meeting Maureen and Heidi we just knew that we had found the special place to host our wedding. Maureen was a gem at helping us plan the wedding and she promised us that she would be our “fairy godmother” through this time. It has been six years since our wedding day and our friends still comment on the wonderful experience they had at Mrs. Mitchell’s. It was the best wedding dinner ever! Maureen will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with Heidi and Maureen’s husband.
    Janice and Dan

  68. McDougall Don & Marion says:

    We were there for lunch – June 12th and have just been advised of your Mother’s passing. We visited twice every year meeting friends (it was our half-way point) we from Toronto and Jack & Mary Tully from Kincardine. We loved her personality and friendliness. Please accept our most sincere sympathy from the four of us.

  69. Dear Heidi, Jim and the family,

    We recently heard the very sad news that Maureen had passed away. We are very sorry, and send our love and best wishes to you and the whole family. Maureen will be sadly missed by family and friends and by all who knew her. We have enjoyed so many delightful visits and family celebrations at your exceptionally lovely restaurant. Maureen always greeted us warmly, with a twinkle in her eye and often a story told with a sense of fun and humour.

    We have visited your historic restaurant for a number of special occasions such as our daughters’ engagement parties, their 21st birthdays and then recently Judy’s 70th birthday celebration. We have brought guests from near and far, all of whom found it unique. It is has been and still is one of our favourite places, and Maureen, Jim and Heidi have all contributed to making it memorable. We will miss Maureen and are thinking of you with many fond memories of happy times.

    Don and Judy Fleming and family

  70. Christine Gallo says:

    Dear Heidi and Family,

    I recently noticed the passing of your lovely mother, who always put a smile on my face in the many years I have gone to Mrs. Mitchells. I must have been 8 years old the first time I came to Mrs. Mitchells on Valentines Day for my moms birthday! Your mom had musical instruments for everyone to join in the fun and all never forget the first tin foil Swan I got for my left overs. We are coming tonight to celebrate my dads 65th birthday and Retirement. Every year I make an effort to at least come 3 or 4 times, ordering the same meals everytime because I love the food, atmosphere, and friendly staff.

    Your mom was always kind to me, and I loved learning about the history of Mrs. Mitchells from your mom who always put a smile on my face. I would always get excited to see her! I am 22 now and love coming to Violet Hill! I will continue to come and remember all the memories I have of her in the time that I have spent! I hope to have my wedding at your Restaurant since it the one place I feel at home when I come!


  71. Jeanette Chafe/Bill LaCroix says:

    We would like extend our heartfelt sympathy to Maureen’s family especially Heidi.
    Our fondest memories of Maureen were the glow and excitement she portrayed during the special “guest” dinners to which we were invited many times to our delight.
    Our special family events took on another dimension knowing that Maureen’s care and attention would be ever present. We have passed on our love for Mrs. Mitchell’s to our grandchildren who choose to partake of the clam chowder on each and every birthday and after cutting their Christmas tree.
    Maureen was truly special in so many ways and we know that Heidi will do her proud as she takes over the reins….Sincerely, Bill La Croix & Jeanette Chafe

  72. Stan Langdon says:

    Our family moved to Orangeville in 1978, we soon discovered Mrs. Mitchells. Maureen was always so accomodating, an amazing host. We have enjoyed many Thanksgivings in Maureen and Heidi’s company, it just won’t feel the same this year. My own father passed away this summer, he always enjoyed his impromptu luches in Maureen’s company. We have lost such a unique and memorable spirit, our prayers and condolences are with Heidi and the family.
    Stan Langdon & Family Fullerton California

  73. Margo Cooney says:

    Several years ago about 15 of us, mostly local farmers looking for an excuse to get together, planned a “Sowing of the Seed” celebration at the end of putting the crops in. We chose Mrs. Mitchell’s because of the welcoming atmosphere and excellent food. An entertainer, a guitarist/vocalist, entertained that evening and walked around the restaurant asking for requests. Being farmers, we asked for the theme song from the TV sitcom Green Acres. He didn’t know the song so we invited him to sit down while we serenaded him! As the evening progressed and coffee and sweets were served, the restaurant began to clear out. With only our table of 15 and two other tables of four left, Maureen brought out any number of musical instruments, handed them out and we all began to sing and play the instruments with the entertainer. It was quite an evening and one we won’t forget. Sometimes the spontaneous moments are the most unforgettable. Maureen had a talent for hospitality and knowing what her patrons enjoyed.

  74. Allan Cox says:

    Heidi and Family

    It is with great sadness that I share with you losing such a wonderful person. I cherish the time I spent at my favouritest Restaurant. The memories I shared with Maureen discussing my dad whom she knew were important to me. I remember the time I stopped in to visit on my way to a wedding with a goat in the back seat of my 1961 thunderbird. (Thats correct). I just had to share that with Maureen. I can still see her laughing outside the Restaurant.
    Heidi and Jim, you have been blessed by having such an amazing woman in your life.
    God Bless

  75. Carol-Lynne Smilsky says:

    I was so sorry to hear of Maureen’s passing. I got introduced to “Mrs. Mitchell’s”many years ago through Elaine Martin and her “Days in the Country “lunches. We had many wonderful get-togethers there.I even participated in a fashion show there once – changing in the kitchen. I in turn, started bringing my husband for special dinners and girlfriends for “just because”outings. I especially loved her Christmas decorations.I’ll miss Maureen greeting us at the door. Heidi, I totally understand your comment in the obit. that “not a lot of people “got” my mother”. I like to think that I “did”.With you and your Dad’s help, she seemed to have made a success of everything she tried. She will be missed!

  76. Janet Huys says:

    Heidi & Jim, I was so sad to hear the news of Maureen’s passing. I have been coming to your restaurant from Bolton for more then a decade. I truly feel at home when I come to ‘Mrs Mitchell’s’.
    Your mom was the best, her sense of humour, I’ll never forget the sparkle in her eye, and how proud she looked when talking about your wedding Heidi and proudly showed off your pictures 😉 At one visit I thought she seemed a little crusty, LOL but soon realized that was her no bones about it attitude.
    I have brought many friends, family and even celebrated my mother in laws ‘special’ birthday with all her daughters, daughter in law, & grandchildren.
    I have seen your mom’s sensitive side when I visited once with a girl friend who is currently fighting cancer. Your mom took the time to talk to her and gave her a small token and encouragement.
    I know it will be difficult with ‘one leg’ missing, but your mom will be there in spirit to guide you and support you.
    Keep up the good work, ‘Mrs Mitchell’s’ is home to many !!!

  77. I was just this minute, as SO MANY MOMENTS before this one, Singing Maureen’s Praises and my LOVE for her, this Restaurant, the sacred space of the entire neighborhood. Had it not been for the Purity of Maureen’s Spirit and the truly Mythical Surround of this place and Her Story, I would certainly not be the Man that I became or even The Actor I’ve Become! One of MY Greatest Teachers, even to a reluctant student and even though never in the walls of a school, OR WERE THEY?

    I Love You Heidi as I loved your Mother. Since that time You have all continued to resonate within my heart and within my art.


  78. Andrea Lunn says:

    My first experience dining at Mrs. Mitchells was during the Christmas holiday season while visiting with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces. The room was full of holiday spirit and song and the evening felt quite magical. Many years later, after moving to the area and being lucky enough to temporarily live in the hills of Mansfield, Mrs. Mitchell’s restaurant continued to work it’s magic; what a perfect setting for one of the most important celebrations of my life. We chose Mrs. Mitchell’s restaurant to be the location for our wedding dinner and celebration. Maureen was incredibly helpful and professional in organizing an evening and a meal that our guests still rave about to this day. My husband and I went back to celebrate our anniversary, and then to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our son. I also enjoyed shopping at her lovely store where I purchased our son’s first bunny rabbit and beautiful quilt. He still sleeps with “bunny Jack” to this day. It is with sadness that I learn of Maureen’s passing. The memories and magic she and her daughter helped create for our family will never be forgotten and always celebrated. It’s time to go back soon for another amazing meal. Thank you for helping to make such beautiful memories..

  79. Janet Roscoe says:

    My children and I have been coming to Mrs Mitchell’s for 30 years. Now they are grown up and starting their own families. We would ski at Mansfield then make a trip over for tea. My daughter loved the English scones. We had many wonderful Saturday night meals and enjoyed live music (I guess by Josh). When my older son was married we entertained a large group of out of town guests there. We hadn’t been up last fall so were very saddenned to learn that Maureen had passed away. We will miss her very much but look forward to new memories as you carry on the tradition.

  80. Pat Fryer says:

    My husband, myself and our children greatly enjoyed stopping at Mrs Mitchell’s on our way up to the cottage S did my mother in law before she died and my husbands cousins, sister and family. It was an event we looked forward to and especially speaking with Maureen. We go at least twice a yardarm and sometimes more ….sometimes with family and sometimes just us as the kids are all grown up. It’s a little more of a hike now than when we lived in Mississauga as we live in Niagara on the Lake…but we still make it and will do so again in May….
    Please accept out deepest sympathies for your loss!

  81. Chris Cane says:

    With the passing of Maurice Sendak this week, my memories were stirred as I remembered a time in 1977 when we met Maureen. You can read a little about these memories at

    Maureen gave an Eeyore doll that she had made and a small book by Maurice Sendak to our daughters Amy and Jody!

    Brought a tear to my eye!

  82. Elizabeth Zammit says:

    Maureen brought to the table not only delicious fare but her witty sense of humour. My husbands hair was one of her favorite things…We will miss you and Thank you for such wonderful memories. All the best to the family. The Zammits

  83. Mark Redford says:

    I was just thinking of the many Saturday nights I worked at Mrs Mitchell’s Restaurant, and ate a beautiful prime rib dinner after work, while talking to Maureen, who could always instill a lesson in me, on any subject, over dinner and a beer. I miss those evenings, sharing my innermost feelings with a woman who taught me so much about being a real man, person, and productive member of society through tough love, hard work, and rewards for a job well done. I miss you Maureen.